Voorhees Transportation Center releases GASCAP model

gascapThe Bloustein School’s Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Center has released GASCAP — the Greenhouse-Gas Assessment Spreadsheet for CAPital Projects —a freely available Microsoft Excel based spreadsheet tool designed by VTC.

This spreadsheet based tool allows users to estimate the life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation construction and maintenance projects. Both user-friendly and flexible, it is designed to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions from different material inputs, project staging decisions, life-cycle maintenance, and the equipment used on a project. It also includes a module for estimating the emissions from rail construction.

GASCAP was originally developed under contract to the New Jersey Department of Transportation.  Additional funding was provided by the University Regional Transportation Center for Region 2, and the Transit Cooperative Research Program supported the development and testing of the Rail module.

Documentation and a link to download the software is available at www.gascap.org



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